Being You and Infinite Supply

November 20, 2008

He who gains self-knowledge, self-control, and the kingdom of heaven within himself, within his own consciousness, is saved through Christ, Truth.

Miscellany, by Mary Baker Eddy

"The best part was how she based it on exploration and demonstration."

"You can read the speech on her blog. She put it up in several installments."

"Let's talk about some of her discoveries."

"You're right about some, because we can't possibly discuss them all. People need to read what she said."

"Fine, but I'm sitting here without a clue. Give us a few ideas to work with."

"One thing I found outstanding was her whole transition—recovery really — from being a kind of dutiful church adherent to becoming a really dynamic individual — all the time staying close to Christian Science. She didn't succumb to relativism."

"Can you remember some details?"

"She described four steps. The first was getting to know God really well, intimately, through prayer — feeling out for direction. Step two was to actualize the ideas that came to her from God. Practical stuff, like go to such and such Congregational church or call someone who's name came to her. What was step three?"

"Be yourself! And to discover who you are, ask the question ' What are my values?' When a life coach asked her that, she replied she didn't smoke or drink. Deeper thought revealed she greatly valued having her voice heard. She also valued creativity. As she put into practice what she was learning, she found herself in a whole new career, making more money than she did in the old well paid job she'd been let go from."

"I was amazed she used a life coach rather than a Christian Science practitioner."

"She is herself a practitioner and just wanted some fresh inspiration. I might not use a life coach but I might use and have used psychotherapists and astrologers. I have to keep my Christian Science head on, but these people stir thought in ways that help me let divine ideas flow in."


"Well, like a dream may say something to my therapist, but bottom line there's a divine idea there. Then I find I've got something usable in my life. The same with my chart and the planets. There's always a divine idea."

"Did anyone use her God grid idea?"

"I set one up and use it a bit, but I like her whole approach to prayer and meditation — especially what she says about allowing thought to fill up with divinely inspired ideas rather than aiming for emptiness. It's like Jesus' parable of a house swept clean being a sitting target for evil."

"She's big on ideas. God gives them to us and they give us our daily supplies, says Mrs. Eddy, ‘God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment. What a glorious inheritance is given to us through the understanding of omnipresent Love! More we cannot ask: more we do not want: more we cannot have. This sweet assurance is the "Peace, be still"to all human fears, to suffering of every sort’ (Mis 307: 1-10)."

"Even if you had a billion dollars you could squander it as many have done if you didn't manage it using God-given good sense — in other words, ideas. So ideas are our real substance and abundance."

"I love the section on being yourself. It was difficult for her and would be for any dedicated religious person to separate out from the collective notions of piety and what one should be doing — to actually do what God is calling the individual to do."

"God basically told her He made her and wanted to express Himself through her in a unique, individual way. Little by little she discovered what turned her on in her new freelance business and eventually was able to turn down jobs she didn't enjoy."

"So, abundance is all about the infinite supply of ideas constantly streaming to us."

"But, are we accepting them, letting them in, and following them to see where they lead?"

"I was thinking about the concept of self-control. My tendency is to see it as keeping my body and emotions steady — not a bad idea in most circumstances — but there's a better way of looking at it. If my core Self is at-one with God — in other words, Christ — then when I allow that Self to control my ego and all, I'm truly being an individual divine-human expression."

"That should be an ideal way to arrive at demonstrating infinite supply. Our speaker talked about debunking old theology and I can't think of better way of doing it."

"She recommended doing what you love, not what’s hard and unyielding."

"When I feel like I'm in a state of spiritual submission lots of things become easy and joy-giving. Fear evaporates. Being and doing are one."

"What does Mrs. Laird say? ' Take every seeming for Being and the Being will be the seeming.'"

"Let's try it! The world economy is suffering. That's the seeming, right?"

"Take the world economy, not the suffering world economy."

"Okay. So right there is the Being, God supplying all right ideas like employment, continuity, safety and so on."

"The Being that's God is all and includes the whole universe."

"Fine. Now here's the clincher: the Being is the only thing going on. Let's see that till, well — why stop seeing it?"

"You know, the speaker's experience of getting laid off and having to find a whole new life could be analogous to what's up for the world. We need a new life — a new career. Wars, nauseating over-consumption, narcissistic self-aggrandizement have expanded to the max — and exploded!"

"Then let's expect a flood of ideas about global wellbeing to shape the future."

"The economy can be transformed like Jesus on the mountain. There'll be plenty of employment available to end pollution, global warming, poverty and so on."

"I looked up 'employment' in the Concordance and got this: 'Self-ignorance, self-will, self-righteousness, lust, covetousness, envy, revenge, are foes to grace, peace, and progress; they must be met manfully and overcome, or they will uproot all happiness. Be of good cheer; the warfare with one's self is grand; it gives one plenty of employment, and the divine Principle worketh with you, — and obedience crowns persistent effort with everlasting victory' (Mis 118: 21-2 )."

"Exactly! Each of us and the whole world — we all need to do that."

"I think Mrs. Eddy's statement has too much ego in it. There's a place for struggling with oneself but now's not the time. We need radical reliance, letting the economy of God's creating appear. As in heaven, so on earth."

"Yes. Letting God be the only cause and effect is the best antidote to sin, which is nothing but a belief in other powers."

"The picture's grim. Everyone's stopped buying — not just houses and stocks, but everything."

"Where's your supply coming from? Remember God?"

"Cool — but still, to understand the party's over doesn't negate leaning on God, having our treasure in heaven..."

"..which is the only earth! Keep bringing it back here."

"An artist friend who's worried about the state of the art market said as long as nothing's selling he'll just paint exactly what he's been wanting to paint. "

"Hey, that's fabulous! If I don't have a boss or a client to answer to, maybe I'll find my true place."

"It's the old lemons being turned into lemonade. Eventually there'll be a demand for the new products and visions rising from the inner journey. It can be very exciting!"

"I was going to say if we all don't freeze and starve first, but really we need to be grateful for what we do have. I've got enough food for today — I have a home. What about the folks who now have neither?"

"Yes, but how am I seeing them? Are they losers? Are they sinners? Were they derivative jockeys or house flippers? Would Jesus hold them in bondage to such concepts? They were just trying to find security in matter rather than letting it appear infinitely as I, Us. Mortals don't know better, but our Christ consciousness does."

"Let me confess my sin. I've had a materially self-satisfied approach to Christian Science. Now it's time to take off the lavender-kid gloves (Mis 177: 14-20) and work in Science."

"We're getting short on time. Why don't we continue working in this area for the next three weeks?"

"We need a topic. How about gratitude, focusing on the divine economy emerging?"

"Sounds great."

"So it's Gratitude."

"Gratitude. For three weeks. By the way, there'll be no meeting next Thursday because of Thanksgiving."

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