Work in Science

May 28, 2009

The song of Christian Science is, "Work -- work -- work -- watch and pray."

Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy

"The letter from Mrs. Eddy to Adam Dickey looks like a treatment for his practice."

"It must be, but I applied it to some of my own situations. They're arenas for my practice — where I should be working in Science all the time."

"Why do you all call it work? Don't you pray?"

"Well, it's one of those terms we use for scientific prayer. It's an organized procedure for getting beyond appearances to the Truth."

"It's not always well organized. I mean sometimes it's just total surrender to God's will. Listen to this: "In the desolation of human understanding, divine Love hears and answers the human call for help; and the voice of Truth utters the divine verities of being which deliver mortals out of the depths of ignorance and vice' (Mis 81: 25-29)."

"I like the word work. It reminds me Christian Science isn't just dreamy waiting around."

"There is an element of waiting patiently. She says 'God alone directs and outlines.' and we need to drop personal sense and material planning. We 'stand still and lift [our] vision' and ' know that nothing can hinder, delay or limit this God-directed, God-protected and God-placed activity."

"That's stand still and see the salvation of the Lord! It's not mental churning — we actually sense the presence of perfection."

"You know Mrs. Laird said something like that on a tape. You can love the concept you seem to be experiencing, because after all it's the best we could do given our current beliefs. Then drop it and open up to the Truth disguised in that appearance. It'll come through and heal or right the situation."

"Have you tried it out?"

"Yeah. I'm working with it in two areas relating to Life and Love."What was that email you sent e about Albert Ellis' ABC method?"

"He didn't call it that but Dan Joseph established his ABC thing based on Ellis' ideas. If something negative comes up, I might go straight to panic or anger. That's going from A to C, but Dan Joseph says we need to evaluate our beliefs — in other words B — before going to C, the end result."

"Right. What in my current beliefs moves me to the same old reaction? But I can put in a new positive belief and get a better result. Like — lost the job, but it was getting stale a dreary. Look, I'm free to find something better and I'm fueled with positively and ready for a new experience. I'm happy rather than angry and panic-stricken."

"Well, it's not Christian Science but at least it's some better beliefs."

"But as Joseph himself says you can also put in some spiritual truths and get even better results. With Christian Science we might say: 'lost the job but my work is to be the expression of God — so I'm fully employed always and can therefore afford to be joyous.' Whatever daily job comes out of that would be just right.""One of my friends told me something he's discovered. When he's very turned on something or someone — say a hot guy — that for some reason isn't available, he just allows the desire to bubble up and burgeon. Then he puts the energy generated their into action on something useful."

"It's Freud and Jung! Take libido and place it where it can do some good."

"Well, yes — but I was actually thinking of Mrs. Eddy's idea of letting God mold and exalt our desires. Here's the statement: 'Thoughts unspoken are not unknown to the divine Mind. Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds' (S&H 1:10-14)."

"I've been keeping my focus on the idea that the fields are already white for harvest to cut through appearances. Everyone and everything is right now at the peak of perfection, whatever the dualistic presentation."

"Okay if you want dualistic presentations, take the California marriage debacle or the truculence of North Korea."

"So, what can we see there?"

"I'm always impressed how really quickly dire situations clear up — like bird flu a few years back and now swine flu. I think it's Scientists pitching in and working Science to trounce the problem."

"Well, when they get confused like with AIDS or New Orleans where they think there's a moral problem, the work is delayed."

"That's why Science has migrated out to people with empathy for minorities."

"Okay — what can we see for California and North Korea?"

"For marriage, we already — all of us — interpenetrate as ideas of the one Mind. Each is unique — there's no repetition. Each one fits together with all the others in unique ways. This is the marriage in Heaven and no human level shenanigans can affect it. Now, as in Heaven, so on earth."

"And really, Heaven is the only earth."Couldn’t we use something like that for Korea?"Sure. Also, let that Mind be in you which is in Kim Jong Il."

"That's a capital M, right?"

"Oh, that's good! I mean, what Mind are we seeing there?"

"We have to close. Any ideas for a topic?"

"We won't have meetings June 4th and 11th. The topic'll be for a month."

"I've noticed people say we get our needs met but not our wants. Could we look at that in Science?"

"You mean like divine Love meets every human need but also desire is prayer?"

"Precisely! What we want may be totally cockeyed but still there may be something there that's deeply meaningful. Let's be careful we don't throw it out with the bathwater."

"Okay. Needs and Wants?"

"Sounds good. Needs and Wants for a month. The next meeting is June 18th."

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