September 17, 2009

Truly it is better to fall into the hands of God, than of man.

No and Yes, by Mary Baker Eddy

"I suppose it depends on who you ask."

"Some people would see it as the preserve of public practitioners, but I take a broader view. Everyone's in the practice of Christian Science if you think about it — even the grossest malpractitioner. We're all applying the truth as we see it."

"So Hitler, Osama bin Laden — they're just Christian Science practitioners."

"Well, okay — it's kind of extreme — but they both had or have principles or truths that moved them, no matter how cockeyed. And now it's up to us who perhaps have a more absolute take on Truth to push through the dualism, not stand aghast, and heal."

"I'd like to be practicing the absolute Science all the time, but it's one of those things like ' Stand up straight' — you have to keep reminding yourself."

"And then what? I mean, when you get back in the groove, what do you do?"

"Well, hopefully I find spiritual ideas right where the senses are flashing dualistic data."

"And that heals?"

"Right. Sometimes you have to keep at it. You don't just get a whiff of Truth and follow up with deep drags of error."

"Remember, reality is always pressing its cause. It's the Father and we're prodigals. We keep getting pulled away by the five senses..."

"...and the other mental functions — dualistic intuition, feeling and thinking."

"I think it's normal to go back and forth. Jesus and Mrs. Eddy had their dualistic times but they knew how to get quickly back to non-dualistic mode and heal."

"I agree — it's unrealistic to think we can stay in non-dualism 24 hours a day. But it helps me to remember that in Truth we are all 100% spiritual now — and therefore completely non-dualistic. This is a fact we can lean on in our human experience. So we wobble a bit."

"Isn't that what Mrs. Eddy had in mind when she wrote: 'The Christianly scientific real is the sensuous unreal' (S&H 353:1)? Even as good and evil appear to fluctuate on the human belief level, the scientific reality is right there and can be brought to bear."

"Okay — so it looks like we're saying you can define Christian Science practice as someone giving a prayerful, metaphysical treatment or as one's whole way of life. And if you're not always in conscious contact with Deity — your divine core, or really All — still it's right there to be seen and allowed to hold sway."

"Good summary!"

"I'm trying for less words and thought — for more of a full body or environment experience. Any suggestions?"

"Well, I recently went to a psychic about a guy I was attracted to to try and see what gives. The psychic turned out to be spiritually oriented and described relationships in terms of expanding circles of experience. As two people unite they bring with them all their relationships and experiences. It's like the Christian Science idea of one Mind with man as interpenetrating ideas."

"Isn't that kind of what we're getting from quantum physics too?"

"Yes, I'd say so. Anyway that vision of relationships expanding into infinity broke the dark, cramped position I was in with that guy. I went into the session with the psychic wanting a yes or no answer, and got a Christian Science treatment instead!"

"With some staying power, it sound like. And a blessing for us too. Thanks!""A great way to work in Science is to practice for the world. Everyone reflects the full power, intelligence and presence of God. We can't be drained by reflection or by acknowledging the fact of who we are — all of us — God's infinite , all-embracing idea."

"That reminds me: the psychologist Heinz Kohut who was successful with narcissistic patients discovered the possibility of what he called 'cosmic narcissism'. That's when the ego feels embedded-ness in the universe. It takes work to get there but my diagnosis of many Christian Scientists, myself included, is we're wounded narcissists. It needn't be a cross to bear — we can use it as the latest in resurrection technology!"

"Let me read something about how Mrs. Eddy did world work. 'Three times a day, I retire to seek the divine blessing on the sick and sorrowing, with my face toward the Jerusalem of Love and Truth, in silent prayer to the Father which "seeth in secret,"and with childlike confidence that He will reward 'openly'(Mis 133: 22-26)."

"Isn't there something else in Prose Works? Let's see, it's about Africa. Here: 'I shall be with you personally very seldom. I have a work to do that, in the words of our Master, "ye know not of."From the interior of Africa to the utmost parts of the earth, the sick and the heavenly homesick or hungry hearts are calling on me for help, and I am helping them' (My 147 25-30)."

"Can I share a healing?"

"Sure — please!"

"Okay. Last week I was dawdling over going to a party because basically I don't like events like that. But I remembered what a member of this group said about meet and greets. He has to push himself to go and then ends up having a good time. He recommended I not make blanket statements like ' I don't like parties'. Surely, he said, you've had some good experiences. Well, yes — a few.

"So, I decided to go and backed up the decision with prayer to see the divinity of everyone there. This continued in the cab on the way. And you know, it as great! People were friendly, the food was good, I wasn't allergic to the cats there as I'd expected to be. I was so happy to have gone! And on the strength of this demonstration I signed up a couple of days later to go to a meet up group on a subject I'm interested in, went and again had a satisfying and productive time."

"Sounds like nothing can hold you back now."

"Well let's see, but talking about full body or environment experiences of Science, these get-togethers were that for me."

"What does Mrs. Eddy say about the angel entertained unawares?"

"Here: 'The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.' (S&H 574: 27-30)."

"We have to stop now but we need a topic for next time."

"I'd like to look at control. I'm not sure what the proper approach is in Science. Let go and let God? Control my thought? God please make them do what I know is best for them?"

"Oh boy! That seems like a good topic to me."

"Everybody in? Okay, Control."

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