November 15, 2011

When we realize that Life is Spirit, never in nor of matter, this understanding will expand into self-completeness, finding all in God, good, and needing no other consciousness.

Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy

"We always do Politics when there's an election coming up."

"Well, maybe three times — check the Archives."

"Let's try to find something new and not just rag the victim-victor model."

"Fine with me. You know the word 'politics' comes from the Greek 'polis' or 'city'. So we could start with Jesus' vision of a city on a hill."

"Or the Revelation vision of New Jerusalem descending from heaven, replacing the dualistic belief of earth."

"Good. So politics is actually a divine idea, infinite and all-inclusive. In belief it's fallen into the dualistic muck that mortal mind dishes out, but we don't have to keep it there."

"Humanly, it's a broad field. It's not just about governments but it's going on at all levels of society. Whenever two or more are gathered together, there'll be negotiations and favor-seeking."

"Ideally it's a means of bringing out the best concept in any circumstance."

"Sadly that doesn't always happen but for our purposes maybe we could see human politics as the counterfeit of the pre-existent absolute harmony."

"I need that! The best I've been able to do with those Republican debates is kind of laugh them off as freak shows or try-outs for Saturday Night Live."

"Me too. Can you believe some people actually go along with all the irrational statements, bigotry and really dangerous proposals?"

"Yes — many do. Emotional, over the top stuff quickly dives through the rational mind of many and gets one at the reptilian level."

"This is Christian Science?"

"OK — let's stay conscious of what we're facing here. It's no good laughing it off or coming up with some diagnosis based on appearances."

"Every human concept hints a divine idea but if we're unconscious of the divine idea underlying the concept we'll live it dualistically — and the results will be a combo of good and evil. Let's try to bring the divine idea to bear upon the concept of politics."

"Let's get at what politicians are supposed to be doing."

"Well, find out what the electorate want and come up with laws and regulations to reflect that. Also, lead and educate when the electorate need it."

"Don't forget minority rights — I guess the courts are charged with this."

"We have examples recently of legislatures and governors extending marriage equality."

"You all make it all sound so harmonious — and it should be — but why aren't things going along like that in practice?"

"For openers, big money is buying allegiances and false matter-based religions still control a lot of people."

"OK — that's on the Right — how about the Left? Aren't there some pretty unrealistic expectations that all we have to do is tax the rich more and all our economic problems will fade? There'll have to be a lot of benefit cutting and tax raising on everybody eventually."

"You're right of course, but I think Obama is correct in taxing the rich now and letting the rest of it run along until the economy gains greater strength. But, yes, a whole lot of facing up to reality will eventually be required of many middle class people and elders. If the economic pie is growing it'll be less painful."

"Our system needs two strong parties to make it work properly — but the last few cycles the Republican Party has looked extremely weird. Does anyone have any ideas?"

"The only ideas that make any sense to me are coming from Ron Paul — like legalizing drugs. He's kind of a loose cannon but at least someone has the courage to utter some simple truths amidst all the bravura — and really near insanity of the rest of the pack."

"Talk about insanity — most of them are locked into positions by oaths they've taken to various pressure groups about no new taxes, no LGBT rights, unquestioning support for Israel — things like that."

"I think no matter how outlandish and erroneous the positions may be, a Christian Scientist should be able to deconstruct them into basic elements easily translatable into divine ideas."

"Sounds great — would you like to start?"

"OK — give me some outlandish position."

"Fine — marriage equality."

"I'd go for the already existent divine relationship of all ideas with each other. It's what is — not something anyone can grant or disallow. Since each of us is an absolutely unique expression of God's being, then each one of us has a unique relationship with each other. Each one is therefore already in full communion with or, if you like, married to that one whom God hath already joined together by mutual affinities. This is all on the divine idea level. Bring it to the human belief and no so-called power on earth can interfere with it coming about: 'as in heaven, so on earth'"."Wow — OK!"

"Let's work on something else."

"How about the log jam in Washington over raising revenue vs. cutting spending?"

"Well, it's going to be very painful eventually for everyone. That's why the politicians won't level with us."

"But can we bring some Science into the mix?"

"I feel like anything I'd try to say in Science would just sound tinny and ridiculous."

"Let's just state the facts. What does the economy look like from a divine perspective?"

"Everything's in balance. Demand equals supply. Wisdom reigns. Is that tinny enough?"

"Listen to this: 'The more difficult seems the material condition to be overcome by Spirit, the stronger should be our faith and the purer our love.' I think we should drop the seeming impossibility of any solution and concentrate on the absolute now presence of perfection. I mean, God isn't in deficit, He's not out of balance. He has no needs."

"Wonderful, but how do we translate that into harmonious economic conditions?"

"As we purify our vision and don't buy into all the horror forecasts, we'll bring a lot of energy to the scene."

"You mean like we could offer scientific seeing to reduce the needs for military intervention or medical expenditures?'"

"Great! I was merely thinking of reducing graft and waste — but sure, any part of the budget should be adjustable through scientific prayer."

"Even on the revenue side — fairer tax burdens, new industries paying taxes."

"This is exciting. Instead of sitting there mesmerized by political gibberish, take a stand in Science for the facts of being."

"And expect to see results in improved political functioning."

"There's no limit in this area. Every problem is an invitation to find a divine solution. We just need to stay alert."

"I need some help on how to see politicians. I constantly feel judgmental and I 'm sure that stands in the way of my work in Science.""Personal sense probably does a lot of us in. One way to address it is to retire the projections and face up to the offenses within ourselves. It's often painful but sometimes revelatory — and healing."

"Well, yes — Mrs. Eddy says something to the effect that an error uncovered is half healed, but there's a quicker way which we discovered here some time ago. 'Let that Mind be in me which was also in Adolf Hitler'."

"Can you at least update that to Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich?"

"All of them — it doesn't matter — when I start getting worked up about the dangers of having that crew in charge of anything, this little koan helps me refocus on Who's really in charge."

"So would you agree that the bottom line is that divine wisdom alone is governing all?"

"Who could disagree with that? But I think because his koan is so shocking at first hearing, it really does a better job of jerking us up and saying 'See here, leave the mortal basis and get to scientific thinking right now!'."

"I need some help on eyesight — I hope it's ok to bring up a personal situation."

"Sure — absolutely. What's going on?"

"I've got cataracts — they're not much of a problem now — but the doctor wants to operate for something else."

"What's it called?"

"I'd rather not say. Can the group help me just generally?"

"Why not? We can also give you the name of a practitioner if you need it."

"OK, But just something to hang on to now."

"Eyesight is spiritual. Here's what the Textbook says: 'EYES. Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.' "

"I'd say all five senses are spiritual. The only Mind we have is God. So it's always God seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting. And what's He sensing? Why, only Himself! That'll cut through any duality that would keep us trapped in the Garden of Eden."

"Should I do what the doctor is recommending?"

"How could we possibly know? Pray and you will be directed what actions to take."

"That would apply to the situation politically too. Whom to support — whom to vote for — it's secondary. Our work is metaphysical — spiritual. Even if a seeming scoundrel gets in, we support the reality of him and all."

"Let's get a new topic for the next couple of months."

"I'd like to dig into Prosperity. One of the main pillars of recovery in Europe and America will be how much prosperity we can generate."

"That's a good area to work on. We can also look at individual situations."

"And things a bit afield like the Gay movement, still sadly under attack."

"Right. I was thinking the other day how all the religious bigotry coming up here and around the world is really a craving for spirituality, refracted through the dualism of mortal mind and coming out sometimes as murderous or suicidal drives. Scientists need to lift this to the Oneness of Being."

"Yes indeed. So our topic is Prosperity."

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