April 29, 2013

All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God. Hence there is but one Mind; and that one is the infinite good, supplying all Mind by the reflection, not the subdivision, of God.

Retrospection and Introspection, by Mary Baker Eddy

"Haven't we done this topic a lot?"

"Yeah, but it still needs work. And it's broad. We don't have to stick to money — it's everything. Because it's what's always going on in reality, whether you call it spiritual or material."

"Following up on a point at the end of our discussions on Light couldn't we say lack and all the suffering that comes with it is actually desire?"

"I like that! Desire is prayer, as Mrs. Eddy says, but it's definitely a human activity and therefore dualistic. We desire something better — so we're praying simply by having that desire. But as someone once pointed out, merely desiring or praying will get you no where if that's all that's going on. You'll just keep on desiring and never getting!"

"OK, so how do you get a result?"

"By having, by being the spiritual fact of what you want."

"I think you skipped some steps."

"I don't know...let's just say everyone has to find their own way of accessing the spiritual fact — their own image."

"Here's an idea, if I may? Look at Mrs. Eddy's rewording of the last line of the Lord's Prayer: 'For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All.' If God is All, then human desire is already fulfilled in the universe of God's creating. To quote an earlier line as updated by Mrs. Eddy 'Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Enable us to know, — as in heaven, so on earth, — God is omnipotent, supreme.' So there's just one thing going on: God, total harmony, constituting everyone and everything."

"So you're saying the lack is actually the supply."

"Right! But just to be clear — the lack on the human belief level is mortal language for the supply in divine reality — the only reality there is, whether you call the location heaven or earth."

"Kick back and enjoy!"

"What if I desire something that's not good for me?"

"Oh, I've done that plenty. And then later I thank God I didn't get whatever or whoever it was I was hankering after."

"Mrs. Eddy advises us to allow divine Mind to mold our desires to bring forth the appropriate human concept. I'd say we can't go wrong by getting the divine idea of what we desire and working out from that."

"Take my case: a 58 year old man, unemployed for 3 years, who can't find a job. What's the treatment for that?"

"Why put your age into it?"

"There are lots of middle aged people in the same fix."

"There are also lots of young people just trying to get started."

"I'd go global with the treatment. Man — that is everyone — is the full reflection of God. We all — whether we so-called have a job or not — are God in action. He's fully and delightfully employed being us. He's experiencing Himself as us."

"You remember when people used to say 'God is dead'? My Baptist missionary aunt said He wasn't dead, He was just unemployed."

"That's a nifty way of looking at those times when we just continue fretting over a problem, but I think real Christian Science would dismiss it as totally absurd. God is fully employed being man and the universe. We can just let it play through us."

"So it applies not only to people but also places and things? Bodies too?"

"Totally. Everything and everyone."

"What about government actions?"

"What are you seeing?""Like the gridlock in Washington, the austerity in Europe, things like that. Also, the Fed may be cutting back on bond and mortgage purchases."

"It's a mixed picture according to human belief. I'd barge through to the omni-action of Spirit. Everyone's waiting for the animal spirits to kick in and put the world economy into a self-sustained recovery. Let's lean on the sustaining infinite, the omni-action of Spirit, and not just conventional projections."

"Obama care is supposedly in trouble. We should work on that."

"We have the Christian Science tools to see the absolute health of everyone, direct from God — no intermediaries required. If they seem to be needed, our treatment — representing divine Life as being in charge — should help identify helpful medical procedures."

"You know, the way Jesus represented the Christ in his age, you could take whatever symbol conveys the Christ to us as our present Jesus. If you needed healing, you might take a pill or have surgery or have a Christian Science treatment. Bottom line in all these what you're looking for is Life, God to be made manifested."

"Could I call the human accompaniment or treatment Jesus? And the reality I'm seeking Christ?"

"I'd say so. But we need to rise above the Jesus with it's dualism — also known as side-effects — and live the Christ, the divine idea, the real health."

"Then you could work with people undergoing medical intervention?"

"Sure. Just make sure to keep the focus on the Christ and not the Jesus or apparent delivery system. I've seen practitioners, myself included, lose a patient to death by getting overly involved in the medical story — particularly optimistic medical opinions!"

"I find that in all things. Human optimism based on material beliefs is perilous."

"I'm certainly not recommending malpractice on a medical staff. Just translate every statement they make or thought you or others have into divine reality."

"I think Mrs. Eddy saw Science and Health as the Christ delivery system for her day. Do you think it still is?"

"Yes, definitely. There's dated material in it, so we need to read it carefully. Also we can enrich the experience with more modern metaphors and scientific insights. For instance, statements like 'God is Love' could be made more practical by using words like ' Divine consciousness is the infinite, eternal interpenetrative existence of everyone and everything.' "

"Well, if that helps you. It feels cold to me."

"It helped me get a boyfriend. Of course I knew divine Love would supply the human need but rather than seeing God as some supernatural Santa Claus dispensing boy friends, I surrendered to the absolute fact that we all interpenetrate in exact, unique, individual ways. Soon the human unfoldment or divine-human coincidence appeared.""You could use some of those ideas in your job search."

"Right. Let's see — the needs of employer and employee meet in exact ways — how did you say?"

"You and your eventual employer already interpenetrate in unique, exact, individual ways in absolute Truth and this fact must appear on the human level. The simplest way I think is to step into the shoes of who you really are: infinite, eternal idea including all right ideas. You are God in action as is your perfect employer. Let it appear."

"It's the childlike mind that can see it — the ego quietly looking to its divine origin for everything."

"If Jesus was a delivery system for Truth, couldn't we say Judas was too?"

"Well maybe in a roundabout way — he did speed Jesus to his final demonstration."

"Some Christian denominations accord him sainthood on just that basis."

"Jungians see him as the split off shadow of Jesus."

"Maybe we should give him more weight in our work. I mean as a symbol along with Jesus. When something negative happens, oh there's that Judas again. But really it's the Jesus-Judas complex egging me on to healing. Eventually we're talking ascension or getting beyond human concepts, being fully who we already are in Truth — infinite being, at one with God."

"I had a breakthrough on that story of Peter trying to walk on the water. Jesus encourages him and he's successful for a few steps but then he becomes afraid and begins to sink. He calls out to Jesus to save him, which he does. Jesus then questions Peter's faith and asks why he doubted."

"That story was in the lesson recently. What's your breakthrough?"

"Peter's problem was he had a personal sense of the Christ — in other words that it was Jesus. I think Jesus was pointing this out to him by asking why he doubted. He didn't doubt Jesus and fortunately Jesus was present to rescue him. If he'd had a fuller understanding of the impersonal Christ or God being man and the universe, he'd have walked on the water with or without a Jesus being there."

"Thank you. We need to close now. Do you all agree that we should work on the topic Identity which is what the folks at the Denver Emergence conference will be looking at?"

"OK, fine with me."

"Good idea."

"Ok then — Identity is our topic."

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